Fluted & Acoustic Panels

FlexStone™ carries faux wood fluted panels & acoustic panels for your decorative wall design needs. Visit the FlexStone design showroom for current wall panel colour and style options.

Fluted panels are also known as wood slat wall panels or grille panels.

The fluted panels assemble together through a tongue and groove mechanism.

Add end fluted panel trim pieces for wall paneling designs that do not go from wall to wall or panel to panel.

The design of the wooden fluted panels is 3D printed-the panel boards are made of stone powder, PVC & nano bamboo fibers.

The acoustic panels are made of wood veneer slats with a black felt backing.

The fluted panels are 6” wide, 118” tall, 1” thick and weigh 4 kg/8.8 lbs. The acoustic panels are 24″ wide, 110″ tall and 7/8″ thick. The fluted panels and acoustic panels can be cut down to desired sized and shape using any circular saw.

The wall panels can be adhered to plywood, drywall, cement board, concrete or any other flat surface.

Use a silicone-based adhesive to mount the wall panel sheets. FlexStone™ carries adhesive for purchase. The acoustic panels can additionally be secured with screws through the felt backing.

Use the fluted panels or acoustic panels alone in your design or pair them with our single wall panels or book-match wall panels for additional design options.

The fluted panels & acoustic panels can be installed in various configurations.

Add LED light strips for an extra design element.

Click here  for additional design ideas.

Click here for completed FlexStone™ projects.

The fluted wall panels are waterproof, mildewproof, durable, easy to clean & formaldehyde free. They can also used in wainscoting design.

If your wall panel design needs sound absorbing panels then select the acoustic panels.