Welcome to FlexStone Inc.
Beauty Meets Functionality
Our collection of modern decorative wall panels can take any interior residential or commercial space to a new level of customizable design & aesthetic.
Welcome to FlexStone Inc.
Beautiful Designs
Stunning 3D printed patterns create luxurious looking modern decorative wall panels. Personalize your wall design with our selection of stylish wall panel styles, acoustic panels & wooden fluted panels, LED light strips & trim options.
Welcome to FlexStone Inc.
Stable & Durable
Scratch-resistant and strong non-deforming surfaces. Waterproof, mildewproof & long lasting, with class B1 fire protection. Our wall panels are beautiful & durable.
Welcome to FlexStone Inc.
Quick Installation
Modular installation directly onto background wall - no need for demolition. Our wall panels are lighter than drywall sheets. Use any circular saw to cut down to desired size and shape. Use silicone based adhesive to mount wall panel to wall.
Welcome to FlexStone Inc.
Smooth Texture
Easy to clean wall panels with a smooth & luxurious looking high-gloss or matte surfaces.
Welcome to FlexStone Inc.
Environmental Protection
Our decorative wall panels are formaldehyde free. No mining of the earth is involved.
Welcome to FlexStone Inc.
Our fluted panels and single & book match wall panels are made of stone powder, PVC & nano bamboo fibers. The trim options are made of powder coated aluminum.

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